Activity Lab

It is rightly said that all work and no play make a child dull. Therefore all schools in Dehradun City need to have an activity lab. A child needs to have an overall development of his/her brain.

Overloading the child with just academics puts a lot of pressure on him/her and makes them lose their interest in Academics. Therefore, the best schools in Dehradun need to have an activity lab that has fun games for sharpening the minds of the students.

Activity labs and benefits to students:

School activity labs contain a lot of games and toys. These games are designed for making the child more sensible and proactive towards the outside environment. These games are directed towards enhancing decision-making skills and improving the soft-skills of the children.

  • When children play these games amongst their peers in schools in Dehradun CBSE, they form habits of team-playing and adjustment with the others. Therefore, if children are taught about all these skill sets from their young age, they become better team-players when they grow old.
  • The teachers make sure that the children make proper use of the school’s activity labs. They figure out various activities for the children so that the children have different things to do whenever they visit the activity lab.

The teachers take the kindergarten children to the activity labs to increase their creativity and make learning fun for them. Doon International School, therefore, focuses on both the academic as well as the overall development of the child through these well-equipped activity labs.

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