Admission Procedure

It is highly recommended that the registration forms be filled in and submitted before the registration ends. It is to bring to your notice that illegible and/or incomplete registration forms will not be processed. On successful submission, the interview date will be announced during registration. The institute is authorized to change the date and time of the interview.

Mere registration of the application form will not confer a right to admission to any child for any class. Details once provided in the registration form cannot be changed subsequently. If you think incorrect information is submitted in your registration, you’ll have to reapply. Sending in your registration does not imply admission. Admissions are subject to admission tests/interviews/interaction and the availability of seats for the classes concerned.

The list of original documents to be attached with the registration form for all classes includes a photocopy of a birth certificate issued by a municipal corporation or concerned civic authority and a photocopy of a report card of the previous annual/final exam, which is only needed for admissions for class 1 and above.

The age of admission to class’ play Group-I’ is 2+ years as of 1st April of the academic session in which admission is being sought. The age should be specified on the forms. Requests for relaxation of the age criterion will not be entertained whatsoever.

Our counselors and staff will be there to assist you during the registration.

Admission process

  1. The consideration for admission is granted on a first-come, first-served basis. So we encourage parents to register as quickly as possible.
  2. A written exam will be conducted for the students, after which the principal will determine if the school can meet the needs of the students. No entrance test for those seeking admission into Playgroup 1.
  3. If your child is granted admission, our staff will let you know. If not, the admission process ends then and there. The required fees and security deposit must be paid within the stipulated time for the offer to be treated as confirmed. The child is expected to attend school before the mentioned deadline. If they fail to do so, the amount equivalent to the full school year fees of the classes concerned will be charged.

  4. For students shifting from other schools to DVIS for the first time, a transfer certificate from the previous school is mandatory. Though the date of birth is mentioned in the transfer certificate, the one entered in the registration form is considered final. No changes in date are entertained. So we strongly recommend parents pay due diligence in filling out the form.

  5. In case of withdrawal from our school, a transfer certificate will be issued only upon receiving a note confirming that no fees are pending against you according to our school rules.

  6. It must be observed that the principal can accept or reject an application; the reasons for this decision are subject to his discretion.

  7. Fees, once paid, will not be refunded for any sought of reasons.

Entry age
Class Pre-Playgroup
2-3+ years
Class Playgroup
3+ years
Class LKG
4+ years
Class UKG
5+ years
Class 1
6+ years
Class 2
7+ years
Class 3
8+ years
Class 4
9+ years
Class 5
10+ years
Class 6
11+ years
Class 7
12+ years
Class 8
13+ years
Class 9
14+ years
Class 10
15+ years
Class 11 - Arts, Commerce, Science
16+ years
Class 12 - Arts, Commerce, Science
17+ years


The school will refund the security deposit and the settlement of the student’s account, provided there are no outstanding amounts payable to the school by the parents concerned. If there are outstanding amounts, the security deposit will be adjusted. The security deposit is refundable only after submitting the security receipt. Make sure you keep the security receipt safe till your child studies at school.

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