Annual Report 2021-2022

A great saying goes so “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today!”. It is an enduring tradition to take time to pause, turn around to look at the fruitful year gone by, achieving both the expected and the unexpected, while setting various milestones and then synergizing ourselves to move ahead to face the challenges in the coming year, with a positive attitude. We thank the Almighty God for all the blessings bestowed upon us year after year, especially during the academic year 2021-22.

DVIS has been stepping from success to success all through the years since its humble beginning in 2016 and the past year has been no exception. We have done excellently in academics and non-academic areas. At this juncture, I wish to put on record my sincere gratitude to the management, staff, students and the PTA for your kind support and guidance.
With great pleasure, I present in a nutshell the highlights of the past academic year 2021-22 as follows:

Re-opening :
Doon Valley International School saw its opening in the virtual mode for the academic year 2021-22 on Monday, 18th May 2021. Being the year of pandemic all activities are done in a virtual mode. The staff along with the management welcomed the students and their parents.

Academic Excellence :
“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation”.
The system of education in DVIS, as you all know, is a blend of theory and practice in the right proportion to arrive at a comprehensive curriculum.

Teacher Enhancement Programs :
“It’s the teacher that makes the change, not the mere classroom”.

We believe in equipping teachers to prepare the students for the future and to update their knowledge. So the school arranges a teacher orientation program every year and in 2021 it was in virtual mode directed by CBSE and other agencies.

Regular staff meetings are conducted to evaluate our quality of performance and plan for the future with more innovative methods of teaching and learning programs.

Examinations :
Periodical assessments and evaluations are conducted for the students and their progress are informed to the parents frequently. Subject enrichment activities are done by the students and teachers evaluate these as the internal assessment.

Co-curricular Activities and Celebrations :
Doon Valley International School not only focuses upon the intellectual development of our future generation, but also takes care of their emotional and behavioural development in their early ages of development by inculcating sound moral values, responsibility and social awareness. We are doing it through different co-curricular activities and school celebrations.

World Environment Day :
Nature holds the key for the aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and spiritual satisfaction. Our environment day celebrations this year was led by our Director, Dr. Sanjay Chaudhary, his message revealed the importance of being eco-friendly. Students exhibited eco-friendly materials and models. The Principal encouraged the students to plant trees in their homes.

DVIS “Pratibha Ki Khoj” :
A cultural and arts festival named ‘Pratibha Ki Khoj’ provided the opportunity for our students to show up their hidden talents. The diverse potentials of the students were tested by grouping them under four houses during the colorful event Pratibha Ki Khoj. The cultural fest was inaugurated by Coordinator Mrs. Mansi Mamgain. A graceful dance was performed by the students virtually to welcome her. She had spoken encouraging words to our students.

Teachers’ Day :
“The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.”
On our teachers’ day the students recollected the contributions of the teachers in shaping up their lives and thus creating the new society. With due respect, the school paid homage to Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, the icon of every teacher.

Gandhi Jayanthi :
In memory of our great father of our nation, students presented a cloth bag exhibition in their familes. Students even prepared themselves for this day by organising various other activities. A cleaning drive was done at home by all classes.

Children’s Day :
Children are the beautiful flowers of the school garden. We celebrated the Children’s day on the Jayanti of Chacha Nehru, November 14. In the virtual assembly, the teachers entertained the students with variety of programs including games, dance, skit etc. A fancy dress competition was conducted for the junior students.

Kids Day :
The DVIS kids day was conducted by the primary students on 1st February. The tiny-tots of DVIS gave a wonderful and colorful performance.

Christmas and other feasts :
Christmas was celebrated in advance on 21st of December with all its importance. The little ones of class one organized a lovely program retrospecting on the life of Jesus Christ. Card making competition was conducted. Students remembered on the life of Jesus Christ by making candles and organized various activities for the entire day.

National Days :
Other National days like Independence Day, Yoga Day, Republic Day, Children’s Day etc were given due importance and celebrations were held to remind the students of the relevance of those days.

Clubs :
Literary club, Maths club, Science club, Arts and Crafts club etc were formed to create a dedicated study and interest in students in particular areas where they have more interest.

School Assemblies :
School Assemblies provide ample opportunities for all our students to come forth with self courage and express their abilities of public speaking, reading, thought sharing etc.

Physical Education and Sports :
The school has always been keen in taking initiative to get the best in sports arena. Inter house sports competitions are organized at the school premises. The DVIS are taken out for different inter school events where they experience their sportsmanship.

Khelo India :
Teachers were given Fit India training and the regional games are played by teachers and students.

Annual Day 2021-22:
Doon Valley International School celebrated its 5th Annual Day of the academic year 2021-22 on 11th January with great zeal and enthusiasm. The event was celebrated on a virtual platform due to the pandemic restrictions. It is an occasion that spreads joy and serves as a platform for students to exhibit their unique talents and build their confidence. This day kindles this spirit of togetherness through which students showcase their talents despite the difficult times.

Extra-Curricular Activities :
Keeping in view the all round development of the students extra-curricular activities are also given due importance. Dance, music, drawing, gardening, Teakwondo, cooking without fire shows are given place in the academic planning. Students choose their activities and get trained in various levels.

Orientation Programmes, Seminars :
Students are given orientation programmes and seminars in order to cope up with the changing situation and equip them for the future with a strong value based foundation.

Career Guidance and Counselling :
Experts from counselling institutes provide the necessary support for our students. They help the students to the challenges of life. Career guidance is organized for the students at the personal and professional level to choose the right career which is most important for their future.

Parent-Teacher Association :
We have a strong support of our parents which we cherish every year. The PTA general body meeting is an occasion to acknowledge their service to the school. We had many virtual meetings with the parents to discuss about teaching learning process. Also days are set apart for parent teacher interaction in which parents are called class wise to meet the teachers.

Conclusion :
“In the absence of information, we jump to the worst conclusions.”
Once again we thank all our teachers, parents and management committee for your support and cooperation.

Thank you.

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