The classrooms are well-lit, airy, well ventilated, and filled with examples of work that would inspire students to aspire for the best. The classrooms are vibrant without being obnoxious. They are set up to meet the learning objectives. Students are provided beautiful spaces that make them feel good to be at school—with art, living plants, comfortable seating, and fast internet access, wherever necessary.

The classrooms are so designed that there is less to get distracted from learning and studying. The able administration of Ch. Singh, the adoption of the latest technology, and maintaining attitudes that constitute educational success have made this institute a pride of Dehradun.

Students are engaged in tasks that combine and enhance their skills. Students are motivated to get out of their comfort zones and explore greater horizons, which they feared earlier. This school harnesses the student’s true potential by facilitating academic excellence and teaching skills such as teamwork, collaboration, leadership, patience, empathy, and much more, which are required in the outside world.

Smart Classes
Educomp Smart classes were installed to make the classes more engaging and promote a rich learning experience. Teachers with many years of experience and vast knowledge look forward to teaching the students in our esteemed school. Our teachers are well versed in handling the latest smart classes, making teaching and learning through the latest technology a breeze. 

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