Computer Lab

Doon Valley International School, one of the best schools in dehradun, strive hard to stand out in the crowd, in terms of the facilities we provide and our student-centric, compassionate staff.

One of the main facilities is computer labs in the school.

  • We provided air-conditioned, organized, and structured labs where every student has access to a computer.
  • We feel that computers with internet connection are powerful devices that the students can take advantage of, for learning new skills.
  • They can also use the computer to understand various topics using several audio-visual aids pre-installed for the ease of the students because of the computer labs in school.
  • All the national and international organizations are dependent on the internet and the latest technological advancements for their growth, thus a must for students

What is the need for computer education?

  • It is imperative to have computer labs in school. Today, knowledge about computers is a must even for as simple a job in the office.
  • Machines also boost a child’s creativity and help him portray it in the paint program. Children who are inclined towards designing can create realistic images using computers, ensuring a bright future in the field.

At DVIS, we believe in the holistic development of your child, and thus, we provide advanced facilities like computer labs in school. The facilities and staff at our school make us one of the best CBSE schools in Dehradun.

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