Whenever you are looking for schools in Dehradun city to enroll your child, you must consider the science laboratory facilities. Science lessons without practical knowledge would be rendered pointless because a child needs to experience to understand better. This is why good schools always encourage practical lessons and experiments.

The Doon Valley International School, Dehradun, one of the best schools in Dehradun, is proud to announce that it has world-class science laboratories that are provided with all the necessary facilities and updated regularly to match trending scientific findings. Compared to another school’s laboratory equipment, we promise one hundred percent effort from our staff to teach every lesson with a more practical approach.

We promise that our school’s laboratory equipment provides:

  • Teachers who will impart empathetic education to every child ensure to use models and other equipment. Amongst all the schools in Dehradun CBSE, we are glad to publish that our teachers use the latest infrastructural facilities in the domain.
  • We are recognized as one of the best schools in Dehradun because our school’s laboratory equipment is a top hit. We understand that every child has different aspirations and goals to achieve.

In addition to our science lab’s anatomy models, Chemistry kits, and Physics kits, we promise a very affordable best schools in Dehradun fees. You would be surprised to know that some great medical and scientific experiments in school labs are the precursors to something way bigger in life. Nurturing this notion, we do not compromise on any child’s education.

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