Principal Message

I feel honored to work as principal of Doon valley International School, Dehradun, which stands out from most schools by guiding students to perform exceptionally well academically and churning out disciplined, value-driven, and empathetic students.

With unprecedented and fast globalization, the demands for education have only deepened and widened. To meet these ever-evolving demands, the vision of our chairman and our highly qualified and able faculty have made extreme efforts in bringing out a productive, ambitious, and realizable curriculum.

At Doon Valley International School, Dehradun, education is a harmonious blend of arts, science, and extracurricular activities, making it well-known as the best school in Dehradun. Our innovative instructional approach and rigorous pursuit of excellence have made us raise the bar of educating ourselves.

We are honored by the efforts of every individual in the past as well as the present as they have made this great institution what it is today and will surely help it achieve great heights in the future.

I feel a sense of pride in telling you that Doon valley International School, Dehradun, has profoundly impacted the lives of many students and parents. I am committed to leading this school with the utmost dedication, enthusiasm, and passion. Parents and students can come forward with any concerns, grievances, and questions, my door is always open.

Mr. Sooraj Gupta,


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